How to Build an Analytics Platform to Scale

Business intelligence tools are becoming increasingly intelligent these days. About 10 to 15 years ago, it would have been difficult to imagine a software that parses data and extrapolates it to show underlying trends over a period of time — but the tools present today are not only able to find trends in data, but also connect and correlate data points to show what the business has been impacted by over a particular period.

Building businesses on top of these algorithms and data points can help companies better place their products and services to customers, says MS Subramaniam, Head of Category Marketing and Analytics at BigBasket.

In this deep dive course on analytics and the many ways it can benefit businesses, Subramaniam talks about several aspects of this broad topic — from machine learning and artificial intelligence to deep learning — helping you understand what each of those things means and how companies can benefit from data mining.

He also talks about how young startups can build their analytics teams, what steps leaders need to take to build their analytics teams, and then how they can scale those teams as the company grows.

Instructors: YourStory

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Analytics 
  • Different types of Analytics 
  • Business Intelligence, Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Deep Learning 
  • Role of Analytics in your Organization 
  • Optimizing your Analytics Function 
  • How to build an Analytics Team 
  • Recommended Readings and Take Aways

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