Building in India for India

"If you can build in India, you can build anywhere" - Bhavish Aggarwal.

Building in India is no small feat, and entrepreneurs have often said that once you successfully conquer the Indian markets, building a presence outside is a piece of cake.

Because of India's many socio-economic layers, finding a way to appeal to the sense and sensibilities of all pockets of the country is a tough task. And the deeper you go into the country, the harder it gets to fit in. Just like culture, the economy of India also changes every hundred kilometres, and finding a way to cater to all these permutations is the key to success.
From being an aatmanirbhar Bharat that relies on its own supply chains and businesses to create another business, to creating a world-class product that generates demand even outside of India's borders - this course will teach you everything you need to know about the idiosyncrasies of the Indian consumer and the way ventures today can overcome hurdles to Build in India, for India and the World.

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What you'll get from this course

Access to exclusive content. From learning about the rural economy, to understanding what tools a tech startup can harness to fast-track growth, the lessons in this course are exclusive to just you and your fellow learners.

Build better businesses. Hear from people who've been there, done that, and learn from their mistakes so that you can make new ones. Save precious time by not repeating mistakes that are bound to happen when building in India by learning from those who've made those mistakes already.

Understand key consumer parameters for India. We are a land of a hundred cultures, languages and - more importantly, for us - economies. Building for all varied pockets and preferences is a mammoth task - but one we hope our courses can help make a little easier.

A quick lesson in how the rural economy of India works. From understanding supply chains and manufacturing processes in rural and suburban India, to building digital solutions that can be deployed anywhere in the country, there are a lot of nuances and things to consider when you're starting up. Our crash course in how the rural economy works from someone who understands it very minutely will help you chart out your go-to-market strategy for India's rural areas and suburbs. 

Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community here in Building in India, for India, you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters. Speakers in this Course


Lesson1: Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Co-founder of Wakefit on what it takes to build a digital brand in India: In this new age of user reviews, YouTube walkthroughs and Twitter feedback, Chaitanya says focussing on customers and their needs is imperative, as is building a high-quality product, efficiently.

Lesson 2: Saurabh Jain, Vice-President, Paytm, Head of Paytm 'Build for India' on challenges and opportunities of building a tech company in India: Saurabh says that startups today must look to solving problems of the common man. He alludes to Mahatma Gandhi’s call for Swaraj, which he believes will take shape once Indian entrepreneurs start looking at solving Indian problems. 

Lesson 3: Madan Padaki, Founder and CEO, 1Bridge on building for rural India: In this session, Madan talks about the aspirations of consumers in rural India, the importance of connecting them to urban counterparts, and the potential of rural India. He also explains how the rural economy works, and what startups can do to maximise their impacts there.

Lesson 4: Abhinav Asthana, Co-founder of Postman, on building in India for the world: A maverick founder obsessed with scaling and growing, Abhinav is a lesson in efficiently rolling out an Indian product to the world. His lesson talks about focussing on the customer while building, and why it's better to keep it simple.

Lesson 5: Dr Ajai Garg, Director of MeitY and Rajan Anandan - Managing Director of India and SEA at Sequoia Capital on path towards an 'aatmanirbhar Bharat': In the wake of a languishing SME and MSME sector owing to COVID-19, Ajai and Rajan, adding their voices to the Indian government's call, say that depending on domestic supply chains and manufacturers is the best way to create value for a truly aatmanirbhar Bharat. Innovators today need to reimagine their global partners and create solutions that will not only help people in India, but also impact the global population, they add.

Lesson 6: Senior IAS officer and CEO of MyGov Abhishek Singh on building and growing a startup within the Indian government: Abhishek's lesson focuses on the many ways in which our regulatory framework can help build strong businesses, or make it easy to conduct business. He adds that there's a need today for more initiatives such as Startup India and Invest India organised by the India government to encourage entrepreneurship in the country.

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